RV Line line products

Model Typology Width of pasta sheet Power Weight
RV 30
Monophase double sheet ravioli machine, produces ravioli in strips
100 mm
0,25 kW
45 kg
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RV 50
Monophase double sheet ravioli machine, produces separated ravioli
120 mm
0,55 kW
85 kg
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Avancini FAQ

What’s the difference between the RV 30 and the RV 50?

The RV 30 ravioli maker is basically the same as the RV 50 only smaller. The number of ravioli produced is more or less the same.
The sheet of the RV 30 is 100 mm wide and 2 mm thick, while for the RV 50, it’s 120 mm wide and 2 mm thick.
With the RV 30, you will have to separate the ravioli manually as they are produced in a strip, whereas with the RV 50 they come out already separated.
The RV 30 is usually paired with the TR 75 (we recommend the TR 75 version rather than the C version), whereas the RV 50 can be paired with the TR 95 and the TR 110.

What is the sheet roller for?

This attachment is for rolling the sheet you just made with the pasta machine onto the rolling pins.
For the RV 30, it is not indispensable; you can also roll the sheet onto the rolling pins manually.

What is the special die?

It’s a die that allows you to obtain a sheet of the right size to feed into the ravioli maker. You can’t use a standard sheet die for the ravioli maker.
With the RV 30, this die makes a 100 mm sheet; with the RV 50, a 120 mm sheet that is 2 mm thick.
You cannot use a standard sheet die to make ravioli sheets.

What sizes do the rolling pins come in?

Rolling pin sizes:

RV 50 = Ø 40 mm x 245 mm length + 2 strokes Ø 24 mm x 58 mm
RV 30 = Ø 30 mm x 227 mm length + 2 strokes Ø 15 mm x 60.5 mm