GN Line line products

Model Typology Power Weight
GN 90
Stainless steel gnocchi machine, with cutter unit and flour duster
0,6 kW
100 kg
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Avancini FAQ

How does the gnocchi maker work?

The gnocchi maker is only for giving the gnocchi their shape. It does not perform all the stages to make them.
It does not work with potatoes but with preparations that allow you to obtain a more stable product.
The gnocchi will be perfect if you use the preparation, while if you use potatoes or potato starch, the process will be more complicated and you will have to carry out several trials.

To make the gnocchi dough, you can use a gnocchi preparation or dehydrated potato flakes.
In the former case, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
In the latter case, you can use a normal mixer to mix the ingredients according to the proportions indicated in the table below.

1 Kg Potato flakes
400 g 00 flour
1.5 Kg Water
80 g Salt

The dough will be ready in 15 to 20 minutes. It must be free of lumps (too dry) and must not be too sticky (too wet).